ebankIT at Fintech Connect Live 2016

ebankIT’s showcase of its mastery on leading edge Omnichannel banking solutions is scheduled for Day 1 – December 6th – from 14:30 to 14:40.

In the advent of the new EU banking regulations – PSD2 – how would banks seize all the great new opportunities arising with the benefits of customer-centric digital channels, and the harmonization of the payments landscape?

The evolution of Banking will continue to accelerate. Some traditional Banks will successfully embrace this new world, others won’t and will inevitably fail.

Customers will expect full Omnichannel banking on any device they choose and that the applications will be intuitive, engaging and subject to continuous improvement.

At ebankIT, we have already begun to future-proof the banks of tomorrow. Our leading edge Omnichannel solutions meet a single and primordial purpose: putting the Customer at the centre of everything, with true Omnichannel engagement across all channels and points of interaction.

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