ebankIT joins Collaborative Lab in Digital Transformation

ebankIT is thrilled to announce that we are a part of the Collaborative Lab in Digital Transformation (DTx), which is a non-profit with the main goal of boosting research in different fields that are related to Digital Transformation.

“With this, we will have close contact with fundamental Research and Development, giving us access to advanced AI and Machine Learning models that can be applied to fraud detection and advanced analytics”, says ebankIT’s CEO.

On this consortium, there are companies like Accenture, Bosch, Cachapuz – Bilanciai, Celoplás, Embraer, IKEA, Neadvance, Primavera, Simoldes, TMG Automotive, WeDo, as well as research centers from the Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Évora, Universidade Católica, the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and CEIIA.