Core-Agnostic Omni-channel Digital Banking Platform

The award-winning ebankIT Platform is at the heart of our complete omni-channel digital banking solution. Once connected to your chosen core banking system, our software provides customers with self-serve solutions, from internet banking to mobile banking or watch banking. It also provides staff with a back-office, front-office and contact center tools to deliver world-class customer service. It is secure, robust, highly scalable and is deployment ready, cloud or on-premises.

Integration Capabilities

The ebankIT Platform comes with a flexible Integration layer. Whilst it is completely core-agnostic it comes complete with pre-built connectors for many popular core-banking systems. It is also equipped with a smart IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to rapidly accelerate the connection to a legacy, custom built or highly modified core.


Our award-winning digital banking platform has helped retail and corporate financial institutions rapidly deploy world-class dynamic banking solutions for both their customers and in-house team.

ebanklT Product architecture





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ebanklT Product architecture

The ebankIT Platform

Selecting the right digital banking platform is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions that any bank or credit union will make. Financial institutions understand the importance of selecting an omni-channel digital banking platform that is secure, robust, scalable and cost effective. All this whilst delivering an exemplary user experience (UX) for both customers and staff. A platform that offers Customer, front and back office solutions and is deployment ready, Cloud or on-premises.

What if you could get all these features and more with just one award-winning digital banking platform? Introducing the ebankIT digital banking platform.

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